This is my Intranet of Things blog. It’s new, it’s built in Jekyll and hosted in Github Pages. I’m not trying to win any design awards, but I do want to evolve a bit from this stark utilitarian default theme.

I chose Jekyll because “Why not” (which is more or less the driving sentiment behind most of my decisions) and because I’ve never used it before. I chose Github pages because it’s free hosting for Jekyll sites. What more could I ask for?

Jekyll seems pretty neat so far. I can post “blog posts” like this one that are associated with a particular date, or static pages that aren’t really “bloggy” like the “About” page in the top header bar, there. Then I can establish “collections” of content that also live in the top header bar. And it’s all written in Markdown, which I’ve lately come to appreciate.

I should expect to make “blog” posts like this one to recount a particular experience or thought, or just to call attention to some new content in one of the collections.

Really, the collections is where the good stuff is going to live. That’s where I’ll attempt to accomplish the mission of this endeavor, as described in About, through narrative, documentation, how-to, why-for, and product or service reviews.

The collections I’m starting with include:

  • Use Cases. These would be the specific project I have, am currently, or plan to tackle. I suppose they’re high-level descriptions of what I want to accomplish and how I might go about it.
  • The Tools. These are the tools I put to use implementing the Use Cases. Software, hardware, custom code, or services, it’s going to take more than a hammer.
  • The House. I live in it, it’s kind of what this is all about. Whatever needs spelled about it, I’ll spell it out here.